I’m a married professional who gave her 20’s and early 30’s to her career and toxic family… and almost lost her partner in the process. Strike that… DID lose her partner in the process. When I started to write this Blog, it was to be with my husband, or at least with the intentions of his input. All that came to a screeching halt the day I wrote my first Blog post and came home to find out that he was sure there was no hope of ever getting back to where we were, and that he didn’t think it was worth the time to try. Shortly thereafter my family situation imploded and years of abuse came to a head.

So instead of a Blog about my life and times as a wife trying to make up for lost time, you get to follow me on my journey through self discovery, growth, and essentially finally becoming who I want to be. You’ll get to see my raw emotions, plans, poetry, random outbursts, and small glimpses of hope.

If this were a fairly tale I would tell you here that you can follow me through all this to a happy ending. One where we all live happily ever after, where my family finally thrives without my life force and my husband falls deeper in love with me than ever before. But, the more likely outcome here is that you get to watch me try and fail, only to see the devastation that comes when it all falls apart.

My hope is that this gives me an outlet to express the cauldron of emotions, helps someone else deal with theirs, or makes someone feel better. Tragedies make the best comedies, right?

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