The all mighty $

It’s true that there is no “quick fix” for marriage issues, but there sure are plenty of ways to PAY for marriage help. From books, to online courses, retreats and therapy, to revenge bodies, if you have money the world has a way to wrestle it from you, and at your most vulnerable time.

I’ve been in crisis for a while now, and have been reading, searching, writing, and talking with everyone I can for help. What I have found is while there are several free options out there for support and help, there are so many more “duds” pushing quick fixes, guarantees, and better satisfaction. Nothing like taking advantage of someone when they are down to bring me out of my depression for a quick bout of anger and rage.

On the bright side, there are several resources that I have found that are reputable. Some that have been free, and some still pushing me to buy/pay, but I have some great advice on how to move forward. Funny enough… the best ones all say to work on yourself. So.. here we go.


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